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Monday, October 01, 2007

Big Brother is logging your calls and texts.

I was looking at the BBC News website and saw the headline, 'Phonecalls and texts to be logged.' Naturally this caught my attention. The government assure us that calls and texts must be logged for a year as it is vital to tackle serious crime and terrorism. What a surprise? When I read that I knew there had to be more to it than met the eye.

If it was just for that reason you could just about justify it. Only just though and there would have to be many safeguards in place to ensure abuse did not take place, but this information will be made available to 652 public bodies. These include the Gaming Board and the Food Standards Agency and every District and County Council. Can you think of a terrorist threat that the Food Standards Agency has to be involved in? Exploding plums? Biological warfare using bananas?

Although the government gives us assurances, this seems to me another attempt to gather a dossier on citizens. This is another example of the government intruding in to our lives. Ronald Reagan famously said, 'Government isn't the solution to the problem; it is the problem.' As far as our freedoms are concerned, with this government, those words couldn't be more appropriate.

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