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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Northern Rock

Labour pretends it is new. It tries to forget its past. It tries to forget its roots. That is why I have respect for 'Old' Labour and I don't have any respect for the current reprobates that describe themselves as 'New' Labour.

Having said all of that, surely there isn't anyone who can be happy with the current nationalisation of Northern Rock. It hasn't been done out of ideology. If it wasn't for the constant dithering of the government, there would have been another company prepared to take on the risk and make this bank a viable concern. Thia rather sums up what 'New' Labour is all about. Nationalisation through the back door. They did it with Railtrack and now they are doing it again with Northern Rock. They think governments run our lives better, although they won't admit it. They want to keep the left happy, although they won't admit it either. Cough, cough! Gordon Brown and Co. think they can waste billions of pounds of our money and justify it though nationalisation.

Nothern Rock were in trouble though board room incompetence. They are still in trouble though government ineptidude. The electorate will not stand for this. It is another nail in this government's coffin.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm back

Thank you for your patience. I have been away from blogging here for quite some time. I have been posting at Media Lizzy and Friends about American politics, and I have to admit, the US presidential election is the one political thing that interests me the most.

I have been trying to sort out my feelings after the death of my Dad. I have been getting my life back in to perspective and realising what is important. After my Dad's funeral driving to the crematorium, an uncle commented that no-one was talking. 'Frank wouldn't have wanted that', he said. I hate it when people say that. He never knew my Dad as well as I did. The one thing I know is my Dad wanted me to be a success and although he was a Labour man through and through, he was disgusted with this Labour government. I also know he wanted me to succeed in politics. I know I am good at it and so did he.

I know this sounds very personal, and it it, but I will make you proud Dad, even though you idolised me throughout my life. Watch this space!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Have we started the countdown to the demise of Brown?

The bookmakers William Hill, have slashed the odds on Brown being replaced as prime minister by Charles Clarke, from 50/1 to 25/1, after Clarke's attack on him.

You can sense a mood inside Labour of quiet panic. They know it is difficult for any party to win a fourth term in office, but with a prime minister who is not decisive and sits at his desk and dithers before he makes an announcement that he not going to make a decision, they must now realise that if Brown remains in office, they are certainly heading for defeat.

If a successful 'coup de tard' does take place, then surely a general election will have to be called. Perhaps that is ultimately what will stop a rebellion going all the way.

Monday, February 04, 2008

GPs - what do you think of the service at your local surgery?

Your local GP earns anywhere between £80K-120K per annum.

The public want their local surgeries open longer in the evenings and open on Saturday mornings. If you have a complaint that doesn't require urgent medical attention, you don't want to lose money by taking time off work. The Health Secretary also agrees.

All I want to add is that when you command a large salary, you have to expect to work longer and more flexible hours. It goes with the territory. There was a time when your GP would visit you during the night. Now you have to somehow drag yourself to the nearest hospital or call 999. GPs cannot say that they work longer and harder for their recent, huge pay rise.

My message to them is this: Stop complaining and get on with the job you are paid very well to perform. The public demand a better service and they are entitled to it. Otherwise, perhaps the government should be thinking of a pay cut.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Thank you

I would like to thank everyone who has sent me their best wishes after the death of my Dad. It is hard to come up with words at the moment. I will be back blogging again, however please be patient. Politics does not seem quite as important as it did a couple of weeks ago.

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