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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Iran and Israel

The Iranians have once again today flexed their muscles in testing their long-range missiles. They have stated that if the West attacks Iran, they will fire missiles trained at Tel Aviv. The question is whether they will use these missiles anyway, even though Israel has enough nuclear missiles to obliterate Iran.

I think Israel will attack Iran at some point in the not too distant future. Some commentators are saying it will be after the US Presidential Election, but before the new president is inaugurated. I can see why the Israelis would do that. If they think the US is not going to support them, they may as well strike when Washington is in a state of semi-paralysis as the current administration prepares to hand over and the new administration is bogged down trying to get a team together.

Either way, Israel has no choice but to attack Iran and if the United Nations Resolutions are to mean anything, we should also be supporting the right of a sovereign nation to protect itself against an aggressor who has clearly stated it wants that country wiped out. It's a very nervous time in the Middle East.

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Lord James Bigglesworth said...

There's trouble brewing, Andrew.

Incidentally, it's late but how can I join the David Davis thing?

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