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Friday, January 30, 2009

Simon Heffer on Education

In the Daily Telegraph, Simon Heffer asks the question: how on earth can someone can manage to get 7 GCSEs when he cannot read properly? Read what Simon has to say here.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Barack Obama embraces Protectionism

After just over a week in office, Barack Obama has sown the seeds of economic disaster. For a man who appears to understand history very well, he is either showing ignorance or a blatant disregard of history. Either way he is going to send us back to the 1930s

Protectionism is foolhardy. It is a policy that singularly fails to understand the workings of the international markets. For example, if America increases tariffs on goods manufactured in Europe, European countries will respond in kind. It will also adversely affect US companies who export component parts for goods manufactured in Europe. If those European manufacturers lose their market share in the US, it will also lead to American job losses, as well as job losses in Europe.

That is just one example. If US companies fail to invest overseas, the recession will last longer around the world, and thus will last longer in the US. 

I have said for many months this recession will turn into a depression. With the US turning in this direction, it is a certainty.

I predicted disaster if Barack Obama got elected to the most powerful political job in the world. This week has confirmed my original fear.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ken Clarke at the Despatch Box

Ken Clarke rose to his feet and spoke from the Opposition Despatch Box in the House of Commons today. Not only is it good to see a 'big beast' speaking from the front bench, it will also give show some of his more inexperienced colleagues how to sock it to the government. It makes me happy. 

Monday, January 26, 2009

John Prescott 'Goes Fourth'

Who would have thought it? Labour's online pioneer seems to be John Prescott and I've got to hand it to him, he seems to making a good job of it. JP had been an MP for 20 years before some of the people he is connecting with were born, but he appears to be open to new ideas and is embracing them with enthusiasm. Good luck to him. No matter what your party political affiliations are, all of us agree we have to engage more young people in debate and get them involved in the political process.

JP and Alistair Campbell's new site, Go Fourth, are trying to do that, just as David Cameron has tried to do the same with his various initiatives.

I think it will be successful, so long as they continue to be open to new ideas and are willing to experiment.

Office Block taken over at Leeds University by anti-Israel protesters

A friend of mine from Leeds University has been telling me of a protest there today. Apparently, a group of people took over an office block at the university and hung out banners demanding a free Palestine and other anti-Israeli propaganda. My friend was not impressed and nor am I.

My comment to him was they have obviously not met those nice people from Hamas and they certainly have never had to live in fear of rocket attacks day in, day out, for years.

One assumes these people are of reasonable intelligence. Perhaps they should have looked at the facts before taking this course of action. Israel only needs to lose one war and it is destroyed. Hamas is a terrorist organisation whose only aim is the destruction of Israel. What would they do if they were in Israel's shoes? We already know the answer. 

UPDATE: Follow this link to look at the political groups behind this protest. No surprises here. On a google search I've also found plenty of other anti-capitalists and socialists supporting the cause. I have yet to find out what the university plans to do to stop the protest.

Blog Talk Radio - the next episode

My next broadcast on BlogTalkRadio is ready for you to listen to.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Four Labour Peers offer to change the law - for a price

'We must be whiter than white', said Tony Blair to his MPs in 1997. It didn't take long for them for them to prove they weren't. I don't recall Blair or Brown urging Labour Peers to be above reproach, although it should go without saying. Well, it did go without saying and now we learn four Labour Peers have been offering their services to business clients. For up to £120K they will offer to amend laws. Call me old-fashioned, but I thought this was their job, for which they get paid an allowance. 

After investigation, if there is a case to answer in a court of law, they should be prosecuted. If Lord Archer can be sent to prison for lying about sex, then this much of miscreants should face the same fate.

Jonathan Ross's return to the BBC

During a time when we are all tightening our belts, the BBC allow Jonathan Ross to return after his three-month suspension. Has he learnt anything? Of course not, but what else would you expect?

His television show was apparently edited to remove crudity and foul language. Yesterday on his Radio 2 show he suggested his co-host, Andy Davies, should have sex with an 80 year-old woman. The BBC has received more complaints and no doubt the complaints will keep coming in for as long as this man is employed by the corporation. 

Three months ago I said he should have been fired. I still have the same view. My licence fee is helping pay Ross £6 million a year. If I don't pay the licence fee, I will be prosecuted. If this is the best way the BBC can spend our money, I suggest they decide to go it alone and become a commercial broadcaster. Of course, they never will. It is far easier not to work hard to make your business a success. 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Statement from Daniel Kawzcynski

Iain Dale has posted a statement  from Daniel Kawzcynski. The way the police behaved was shameful and the Speaker has once again much to answer for. Michael Martin clearly does not have the confidence of MPs. His days are numbered and he should depart sooner, rather than later. 

Friday, January 23, 2009

Blog Talk Radio - some thoughts

Last night I made my first broadcast using Blog Talk Radio. Apart from three stumbles, I think it went okay. Here are some observations:

Blog Talk Radio is an easy medium to understand. There are tutorials to guide you through the process of setting up your own Internet radio station and you can be up and running in next to no time.

I tried video blogging a couple of years ago and I found it tedious. The only way I could make it work was to download the video file to my computer, and then download it to YouTube. This took a long time. Blog Talk Radio is a much easier way to broadcast.

When broadcasting you have to talk through your phone. The only downside is the number you have to call is a US number. I have been using Alpha Telecom for a number of years as a cheap way of making international calls. I have a few friends in America and it only costs me 3p a minute to call them. All you do is call a freephone number and then route the call. It's as simple as that.

If you fancy having a go at broadcasting, I recommend it. I am always looking at new ways of communicating what I want to say. I think this way is extremely effective. 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog Talk Radio

Tonight at 9.00 pm (GMT) I will be hosting my first live radio broadcast using Blog Talk Radio. During regular broadcasts I will give you my opinions on the headlines that are making the news right now. If you do not tune in at 9.00, don't worry. By clicking on the icon you will be able to hear it any time. Tell me what you think.

Obama takes oath again

Just in case there were any legal ramifications, Barack Obama has taken the oath of office for a second time, after he stumbled over his words during his inauguration. It was of course the Chief Justice who got the words wrong in the first place. So Obama decided - in the words of the Irish - to be sure, to be sure!

Daniel Kawczynski MP

Daniel Kawczynski, the Conservative MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham, has - on the face of it - been very weak, which is a charge he admits he has been guilty of. If a police officer knocked on my door without a warrant and asked to search my home, I would send him away. This is my legal right. So why this MP handed over a constituent's letter when the police did not have a search warrant is anyone's guess. He was foolish, but why did the police act in this way with the Damian Green debacle fresh in their minds? Why didn't the Speaker know about this search? There are many questions that require answers, just are there are still questions that need answering over the arrest of Damian Green.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Barack Obama - The 44th President of the United States of America

It could have started better. One would have thought the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court had practiced his lines before the inauguration. He did, after all, only have to memorise the Presidential Oath, and although President Obama did not have to memorise it, it was apparent he did know what he was supposed to say.

I thought the new president made a good speech and it was very critical of outgoing President Bush. It's time for change. I wish the new president well in his endeavours, although I don't think it will take long before I am his critic again. I can only hope he does not take advice from Gordon Brown on how to solve his country's economic problems. If he does, then the world really is screwed.

Monday, January 19, 2009

More taxpayers' money to be poured down the drain of socialism

After the government's announcement today that yet more taxpayers' money is being used to 'encourage' the banks to start lending again, I am reminded of the following words of Sir Winston Churchill:

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

An equal sharing of misery is what we are about to endure as Labour constantly interferes in the working of the markets. Socialism is the antithesis and the enemy of the free market. It seeks to nationalise industries and control as much of the workforce as it possibly can. It pours money into these industries, without any regard as to who pays the bill; us. It dismantles a healthy, vibrant economy, with high taxes and increased regulation. Sir Winston's words are as true now, as when he spoke them.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ken Clarke is back

Ken Clarke is back as the new Shadow Business Secretary. I don't agree with his views on Europe. I never have and never will. He is a divisive figure in the party, but the party has to get over it.
He passes the pint test. He is one of the blokes. He appeals to voters who would never think of voting Conservative under normal circumstances. He is a heavyweight who knows how to sock it to Brown and Co.
I can understand why David Cameron has done this. Ken Clarke is a vote winner, which is more than can be said for some members of the Shadow Cabinet.

Blog Focus - Toryteenager

A couple of months ago a new blog started up which only came to my attention in the last couple of weeks. It is a very direct, well written blog which I think will go far.
Check it out and put it on your blogroll. It is rapidly becoming one of my favourite blogs.

MPs may not be allowed to vote on rubbish tax

Here we go again. Last week MPs were denied the right to vote on a third runway at Heathrow Airport, now the government plans to prevent MPs voting on councils being given the right to impose fines on those who generate too much non-recyclable waste.

The government wants councils to be given the right to fine households up to £100. It will have difficulty passing this through parliament, so it appears all it will do is by-pass the wishes of our elected representatives. Whether you agree with the policy or not, this government is turning Britain into a dictatorship. As I said in a previous post, the Mother of all Parliaments is turning into the Mother of all Sideshows.

Hat Tip: The Times

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cameron plans an environmental revolution

David Cameron plans to knock £160 off the gas and electricity bills of the average household. When everyone is feeling the pinch as the recession takes hold, environmental concerns take a back seat. With this policy the environment benefits and so do our wallets. Cameron is pressing the right buttons. More of the same, please.

Tories confident of raising £18 million if a snap election is called

I have never believed Brown will call an early general election. The way he bottled out of an election he probably would have won fifteen months ago, shows our prime minister is not a gambler - at least not with his own political fortunes.

The news that the Conservative Party is confident it can raise £18 million if a snap election is called, should end speculation Brown will go to the country this year. Labour will not be able to match that. Read the story HERE.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Miracle in the Hudson River

A US Airways pilot has done something I thought was impossible. He has managed to make an emergency landing in the Hudson River and his skillful piloting resulted in all 155 passengers and crew surviving the crash. It is thought the aeroplane may have collided with a flock of birds shortly after takeoff.
The pilot, Chelsey B Sullenberger, also walked up and down his plane twice after the crash landing, to make sure all his passengers had been rescued. Now he is the sort of pilot I want flying me. A truly amazing story.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A new airport, not a third runway

The skies above Heathrow are crowded. The airport is running at almost full capacity. You can't get stirred in the roads around the airport. For the traveller, life is a living hell to get there and be there. What is the point of building a third runway?
It should be obvious to any fool - even Geoff Hoon - that another airport has to be built to the east of the city. It is the only logical answer to the problem.

John McDonnell is suspended for 5 days

Here is the moment John McDonnell picked up the mace and... placed it on an empty bench. Hardly a Tarzan moment, was it?

On a serious note, what is the point of the House of Commons when it cannot vote on the expansion of Heathrow Airport? The Mother of Parliaments has become the Mother of all Sideshows.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Labour MP describes dyslexia as a 'cruel fiction.'

Backbench Labour MP, Graham Stringer, has set himself up as the expert on dyslexia. He thinks dyslexia doesn't exist; it's a myth.
Read his reasoning HERE. What a pompous idiot! I know two people very well who suffer from dyslexia. They are not stupid and can certainly read and write, although both of them find it difficult to write at any speed. Both of them are avid readers and both of them struggled at school and were told they were stupid.
If a Tory had made these comments, there would have been outrage from the Labour benches. All I hear is silence. More double-standards from the Labour Party.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ask Brown to resign

You have until January 15 to sign a Number 10 petition requesting the prime minister to resign over his incompetence in running the British economy. Click HERE to add your name to the list. There are 924 signatures so far.

Brown makes a promise to the long-term unemployed

Gordon Brown stated today that those facing unemployment will not languish on the dole; not on his watch. What does he plan to do? Create more public sector jobs and increase the national debt even more? We know he plans to spend £500 million pounds on extra support and training for the long-term unemployed, but if there aren't the jobs to go to, how is he going to ensure people are not going to be long-term unemployed? He can't. Training is important, but the prime minister is making promises he cannot keep.
The prime minister talks about international cooperation, but he really doesn't get it. You cannot spend your way out of a recession. If he said that, he would be honest, but we all know honesty is not in the prime minister's lexicon.

National Front and BNP supporters - get the issue of race into perspective

I want to get some sense of perspective into the debates raging on this blog at the moment.
Here are some facts from the Office of National Statistics. They were last updated in November 2004, so they will not be entirely accurate, however, they still give a broad indication to ethnicity in the UK.
The population of England - in 2004 - was 49,138,831. The total number of white people was 44,679,361. This means more than 90% of the population was white.
Now we will look at the City of Kingston upon Hull. The total population was 243,589. The total number of white people was 237,939. This means almost 98% of the population of Hull was white.
I know there has been more immigration in the past four years and the government to its shame doesn't have a clue how many migrants have entered the UK over recent years, however, I have not seen any evidence of mass immigration of Blacks and Asians.
For those who say they do not wish Britain to be taken over, please remember the facts. The vast majority of people in England are white. Yes, immigration needs to be regulated. Yes, the government needs to be on top of this issue and of course, at a time when we are entering a recession, we need to look after ourselves and get British people into British jobs. All I ask is we get the issue of race and migration into perspective.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The National Front and the BNP - a dangerous enemy

It has been a rather busy weekend for me. I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday as I was busy responding to comments from members and supporters of the National Front and the BNP. Those who believe we should not engage nationalists in debate are missing the point. They are always going to be around and simply ignoring them will not make them go away. I have regularly put my head above the political parapet and I am not frightened of a fight. Some of the comments left on this blog will be seen as abusive and racist by many, myself included, however, if they want to be hoisted by their own petard, I for one am not going to stop them.
Many of them try and say they are just nationalists. They are not. They are white supremacists who believe anyone who is not white is simply not capable of running a country and should be subservient to whites. They believe in forced repatriation of anyone who is non-white, even though for many blacks and those of Asian origin, this is the country they were born in and are British citizens. I hope anyone who is contemplating voting for these people in the future will do their homework and realise although they may have issues over immigration, this is not the way to go forward.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Views from the National Front

As soon as I write about the National Front, I get comments on this blog. It seems as if NF members and supporters around the country are interested in what I am saying, in order to mock them. Ah well, that's life, and just like the BNP, they enjoy their little successes.
There is a NF forum called Stormfront. If it wasn't for this by-election I don't think I would have looked at the 'informed' contributions displayed there. For readers who are curious, click HERE and read the views of members.
UPDATE: It seems NF supporters do not like me calling this forum a NF forum. It is a place where NF supporters like to go and vent their spleen and I am sure it is packed full of people with similar views, although I have to concede it is not specifically a NF forum. A tetchy lot these fascists, aren't they?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Drypool By-Election Result

We have just returned from the count at the Guildhall. Okay, I knew I wasn't going to win, however, the result was worse than I anticipated.

Last year, in the Drypool Ward, the Conservatives polled 8% of the vote. Today, we only managed 4.7%. Very disappointing to say the least. Personally for me, the most saddening part of the evening was that I was pushed into last place by the National Front. To remind readers of what the National Front stand for, here is their policy on immigration, taken directly from their website:

The National Front believes that the world contains a rich diversity of races and consequent cultures. We believe in the preservation of these races. As each race has evolved it has developed its own social structures, its own customs and its own culture. These are different for each race and have been built up to suit the character of each separate race.

In the case of Britain the National Front upholds the wish of the majority of British people for Britain to remain a white country, with customs and a culture which have been developed to suit our character. Consequently the National Front would halt all non-white immigration into Britain and introduce a policy of phased and humane repatriation of all coloured people currently resident here. Such a policy would be expected to extend over 10-15 years and its completion would thus depend on the recurrent election of successive NF governments.

The National Front believes that this is the only way to halt the steadily rising racial tension and violence that is becoming part of everyday life in modern Britain.

In regards to white immigration, this would only be allowed where there are particular reasons such as the possession of particular skills or in the case of political refugees. Until the problem of unemployment is solved, the NF would seek to keep such immigration to a minimum.

Conservatives in Hull vote Lib-Dem to keep Labour out. I understand that, however, it is a sad for politics in Hull, when more people vote for a nasty, racist party, than the Conservative Party.

The full result is as follows:

Conservative: 117
Lib-Dem: 1306
NF: 184
Labour: 891
Total votes cast: 2501
Rejected ballot papers: 3

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Drypool By-Election

Sorry for lack of posts today. It has been a very busy day. Tomorrow the voters in the Drypool Ward will decide in a by-election who they want as a new councillor to represent them on Hull City Council. I am the Conservative candidate. We have not got the share of the vote we should have got in previous elections, but we are hoping for better things tomorrow. The response on the doorstep has been very positive. More and more people are turning to the Conservatives. I will give you the result tomorrow evening. Hopefully, I will have the privilege to serve as the new councillor.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Israel still has my full support in its fight against Hamas

As pressure grows on Israel to call a halt to the conflict with Hamas, I would like to remind readers of some facts.
Hamas is a terrorist organisation whose aim is the destruction of Israel. For them, nothing less will do. They are cowardly and do not care for human life. They hide behind civilians and when Israeli forces defend themselves and return mortar attacks, civilians are killed. Israel is condemned for killing innocent men, women and children and this falls straight into Hamas's hands.
The UN Security Council is once again in an 'emergency session.' How many of these do we have to endure? The Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, is outraged at the humanitarian crisis. Gordon Brown wants an 'immediate and sustainable ceasefire.' This is impossible for as long as Hamas is in existence.
I firmly believe if the current crop of world leaders and the United Nations had been around during the Second World War, Adolf Hitler would have been appeased. The suffering, during the various allied bombing missions, would have been intolerable. Surely there must be a way for us all to live in peace with each other? We know from history, Nazi Germany had to be defeated.
Hamas must be defeated and nothing less will do.
The humanitarian situation in Gaza is serious. Innocent people are losing their lives. Who is responsible for this awful situation? Hamas. Israel is right and I support the Israeli right to protect the long-term security of its citizens.

The long Commons Recess

Much is still being made of the long Commons recess, and rightly so. Another day, another household name goes into administration, and our MPs are still on their jollies when they should be holding the government to account. The government's response to the Israeli/Hamas conflict is something MPs should also be debating. Not that I am criticising MPs.
Some may say I am simply playing party politics, but, there is no doubt in my mind the recess is as long as it is because the government want as little scrutiny as possible and sending our elected representatives off for a long holiday is the perfect way to achieve this aim.
The Commons should have returned by now. The British people deserve better.

Big Brother is watching you even closer than he was before

What have you used your computer for today? Have you had a chat with a friend on your mobile phone? Do you want the government to have the right to know which websites you have been visiting? I thought not, but this is exactly the powers the government are now getting. I don't think anyone of us will believe any assurances the government will make about how the information will be used. We should all know by now Labour have created over a thousand new offences and will stop at nothing to allow the state to intervene in the way we live our lives.
Read this article in The Guardian, which asks some pertinent questions of the Conservative Party too. All of this is terrifying.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Cameron announces more policies

David Cameron today gave the British people some alternatives to failed Labour policies.
Pensioners are one group in our society who are being hit very hard by the recession. Many pensioners require the income they receive from savings to make ends meet. They have seen their incomes slashed in recent months and David Cameron's announcement that a Conservative government would not tax the interest on savings at the basic rate of income tax, is a welcome move. Raising the personal allowance for pensioners by £2000 is another way to help this group of people.
It was also good to see a Conservative commitment to cut public spending on non-essential services. I have been one of many who have been arguing for this. The government response came from Yvette Cooper. She said reducing public spending at this time would be foolish. In a few words she showed why she and her ministerial colleagues are unfit for office. It is essential that public spending is brought under control and some of the savings made should be channelled into measures that will help stimulate the economy. Raising personal tax free allowances is one way. Cutting VAT temporarily by 2.5% (although any permanent tax cut is always welcome) is not an effective way.
This country is being run by a set of incompetent, ideologically flawed fools. The sooner they go, the better.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Israel continues its war against Hamas

There are times when I sit down on a morning, cup of tea in hand, put on the news, and wonder what planet some people are living on.
I have just watched a Palestinian representative to the UN, saying Israel is using the law of the jungle. He said the invasion of Gaza was immoral and defied international law. Not that he condemned Hamas. Not that he said firing thousands of rockets into Israel for many years was the law of the jungle, immoral and defied international law.
I have been accused of being one sided in my analysis of this war. I have been told I am simplifying what is a very complex situation. There is nothing complex about a country defending its citizens. The defence of its people is the first job of any government. If the UK was suffering similar attacks we would want our government to respond in the same way.
If Hamas did not try to hide behind the coat tails of civilians then the civilian casualty toll would not be as high. Just as Hitler placed his war machine in residential areas of German cities, Hamas try and hide themselves away in residential areas in Gaza. It is cowardly, but then what else can you expect from a terrorist organisation who doesn't value the lives of Israeli's or its own people?
Thankfully, the US has puts its weight firmly behind Israel, which is what our government should be doing. Hamas needs to be destroyed. It will be bloody, however, it is necessary for the long term security and safety of the Middle East.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

A new way to contact me

If you haven't already noticed, I have added a new widget near the top of the sidebar and if you have anything you want to get off your chest, you will be able to instant message me directly from the blog.

Let the market decide the fate of banks

We know governments make a pigs breakfast of running anything they get their hands on. Cars, steel, coal; you name it, governments have tried and failed. Not that this dismal record of failure stops some politicians from having another try. Far from it. Banks are now the new British Leyland. If the British economy is going to look anything like half decent at the end of this recession, it is vital for banks to start lending again. This will happen. Banks need to do business to stay in business. What they don't need is Gordon Brown standing over them with a baseball bat, making threats of nationalisation if they don't start lending as freely as they did before. Perhaps the prime minister is suffering from jet-lag from his jaunts trying to save the world, but surely lending so freely was what helped us get into this mess. The last thing we need is the government stepping in, effectively taking control of the day-to-day operations of banks. If Brown does that, we know we are doomed. We know from personal relationships, when trust is broken, it takes quite some time for trust to be restored. Trust will be restored in the banking system. It is simply a matter of time.

SImon Heffer on the Euro

For those foolish people who think during the current economic turmoil Britain would be better off in the Euro, Simon Heffer offers some wise words. Read them here.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Pressure grows in Israel to suspend its war against Hamas

Today, the usual suspects have gathered to condemn Israel. Illustrious names such as George Galloway and Ken Livingstone are coming together, along with the singer, Annie Lennox. Tomorrow there is going to be a march in London, ending with a rally in Trafalgar Square.
What else is Israel supposed to do? If they call a ceasefire, Hamas will regroup and start its terror attacks again. Hamas' only aim is to destroy Israel. No-one wants to see a bloodbath, but it is Hamas who are to blame for this conflict and they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for civilian deaths. And to those who mourn the loss of loved ones, perhaps they should have thought about the consequences when they offered their support to Hamas. How many people did you see from the Gaza Strip, marching in the streets, condemning the Hamas rocket attacks on innocent Israelis?
Hamas needs to be destroyed and other aggressors need to be shown what the response will be if they attack Israel. Post hoc, ergo propter hoc.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The lucky decade of economic growth

It seems 2009 is not the year for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to bury the hatchet. The former prime minister has joked with US students, telling them the decade of economic growth he presided over was down to luck.
We knew it anyway, but it's good to hear Mr Blair telling the truth for a change. Perhaps this was one of his New Year's resolutions.

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