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Friday, September 25, 2009

Hull City Council

In my work for the Taxpayers' Alliance, I am regularly quoted criticising councils and councillors. Some would say I never have a good word to say about any of them, although I hope the councillors I do work with think differently.
Today though I am writing this post to commend Hull City Council. Yesterday all our recycling bins were emptied and taken away. Today we received a new blue bin and a new brown bin. The amount of products you can place in your recycling bins has increased and we also have a small, unobtrusive caddy sitting in the kitchen in which we can place food waste in a biodegradable bag. Hull City Council handled the changeover in a very professional manner and have made recycling very easy. Well done to them.


Norfolk Blogger said...

Rare for a Council to get it right first time.

Carl Minns said...

We have our moments!!

James Higham said...

Every time I am going to post on a council, I'll quote this first.

Chris said...

Actually, recycling is often counter productive, since it can take more energy to recycling some products that to make them initially. See a criticism here:

Andrew Allison said...

The problem now is our blue bin is rapidly getting full. At this rate we'll need that emptying every week!

Baz said...

James I think if you read the whole blog you'll see that many of the point raised where looking towards a world view. Those expressed don't point object to actually recycling.

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