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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DVLA makes £43.9 million selling your personal details

If you want to be able to drive a car in the UK, you must apply for a provisional licence. This is the start of the paper trail DVLA in Swansea has on you. When you pass your driving test, buy a car and register it, DVLA must know about it. It even knows who you insurer is and your policy number. In other words, you have no option but to hand over all sorts of personal details to this particular government agency.

What then gives it the right to sell you details to other companies? None at all, but it does, and has made a healthy £43.9 million thus far. You would also think DVLA would be choosy who it divulges your information to. Wrong. Some of the recipients are dodgy car clamping companies.

Is there any wonder identity fraud is on the increase when a government agency isn’t choosy who it sells information to?


Hat Tip: Big Brother Watch

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Anonymous said...

yeah, that's capitalism for you

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