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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I’m sick of the so-called election campaign already

We’ve had four days of the so-called election campaign, and quite frankly, I’m bored with it already. Labour has been making promises it knows it can’t keep. The Conservatives put out the awful poster of an airbrushed David Cameron promising not to cut NHS spending (as well as been forced on the back foot over tax breaks for married couples) and Nick Clegg manages to get himself into a corner with Nicky Campbell on Radio 5 over whether he could say anything positive about the prime minister.

If this is going to be the standard over the next few months, I fear this election is going to a big ‘turn-off’ for the electorate.


Carl Minns said...

And don’t forget about more rumours of a leadership coup from the Cabinet. Sometimes I despair!

Andrew Allison said...

I am despairing of politics at the moment, Carl. I have my own ideas of what I want from an election campaign. As - once again because of the weather - I am not working in my day job today, I will get them down in print later. Just watching the so-called "Questions to the prime minister" at the moment. Rather unedifying as usual.

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