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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trinity House School, Hull, starts fingerprinting students

From the Big Brother Watch Blog :

Just before Christmas, Tory PPC Andrea Leadsom wrote a guest piece about her discovery that schools were regularly taking the fingerprints of their students as a means of identification.

In her post, she said that she would be writing to her local council to ask that they reject any attempts by schools in her area to introduce fingerprint scans.

However, today we have been called by a supporter in Hull who has flagged that a school in his local area has begun gathering fingerprints despite the objections of the council leader.

As reported by the Hull Daily Mail:

City council leader Carl Minns has criticised Hull Trinity House School for installing a biometric fingerprint system for pupils to get their school meals.

Councillor Minns says it goes against guidance issued to schools by the council.

The school, in Princes Dock Street, city centre, started using the system this week. Cllr Minns told the Mail: "My principal objection is on the grounds of information security.

"At some point the school will have to store a child's data on a computer and if it is subject to hacking or proper security is not there, then once the data is out there, it is out there for life and you can't get it back."

In recent days Big Brother Watch has been encouraging its supporters to bombard several misbehaving local councils, so it is refreshing to see a council leader showing such commonsense and concern for individual privacy. 

Councillor Carl Minns we applaud you for this stance and we will keep our readers updated on the progress of the council in getting Hull Trinity House School to reverse its position.

By Dylan Sharpe


James Higham said...

Absolute madness, isn't it?

Andrew Allison said...

It is. Words fail me at times.

Bryan said...

The head stated in Yorkshire post that Yorkshire post "It is only this numeric reference that is stored within schools and it is impossible to reconstitute a finger print from this biometric reference."

You can reconstitute from a template. well known within the Biometric field.

Note the date of the above research -2007 and now ask yourself is the head a suitably informed /questioning person to put children's privacy at risk?

I would argue he is unfit for his role in loco parentis, based on his false assertion.

A quick google of the subject would have provided him with enough knowledge to know his statement is absurd.

Anonymous said...

I am a former pupil of Trinity house school Hull and I am bewildered as to why the school has done this, The school is a very small one approx 300 or so pupils, its Techno teaching gone mad, we didnt need it in the 1990's so why adopt it now? . Is the collecting of biometric data against human rights? especially of minors? have the parents given their consent? is this an optional scam ,I mean scheme? Its another nail in the coffin of liberty and freedom under the guise of simplicity and ease. Where will this end? will we all end up biometrically tagged? I would refuse such activity and would rather go live in the woods than be degraded in such a manner.

Bryan said...

Please consider signing the following petition concerning Biometrics.

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