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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Conservative/LibDem coalition government

I am shocked and surprised tonight. I never thought a formal coalition deal between Conservatives and Liberal Democrats would take place. I was wrong, and now we wait for details of the new government. On face value it seems the Tories have given far too much away, and it will have probably finished the LibDems off in local elections next year. Let’s see how long this government is going to last. Probably longer than I thought it would.


Anonymous said...

The case for electoral reform
We are now in the parliamentary election, with a prospect of a hung parliament and so the smaller parties speculate, if it was ,what the small parties could extract for proportion representation to ensure they would hold sway in the long term.
The electors, us the public have no control over which candidate are served up , for each party.
If we favour a party we are then presented with the choice of Obson of who to vote for, it is a massive matter bearing in mind the expenses row.
If I wish to vote conservative I am free to vote for an M.P but when that M.P has his own paddock maintained at public expense, has spent public money on a by-election that was little more than an ego trip. I may be left in a dilemma to vote for a party I believe is right, by supporting a man I believe is wrong. I am aware that the local conservative party refuse applications from local people who wish to join and are potential councillors or are indeed past councillors as different groups operate an unofficial cartel . The rush of applications prior to selection of candidates is but a symptom of this. Who if they were allowed to join would they support? Would they stand, It the corridors of power, rather that any vote that decides who will be elected. I would like a choice . I make it clear, this probably is true for other parties also.
As they decide these matters on behalf of the party, they are not acting in the best interest of the public they purport to serve, but in the interest of the party are paramount or the flavour of the month. Yes they are able to stand as independents , but without the name of major party and any support it is an uphill a struggle unless you are Martin Bell, or Anold Schartz negger. While the parties has a constitution we all know how clicks form.
Local election should be taken out of party politics and candidates should have no party but stand on their merits and polices and vote according to conscience, not the party line or whip .This would allow more whistle blowing when crazy decisions are taken.
National politics, we need primary elections to select the candidate ( as in some other countries) so we the public may choose the man or women to stand for the party. As we have seen when the freedom of information was passed, the speaker of the house said “ but it does not apply to us” “ we should be exempt.”
Mike Whitley

Man in a Shed said...

As you say the fun will start with the next local elections, where I would expect the Lib Dems to suffer unusually badly.

The pressure will really be on by then.

Ellee Seymour said...

I'm sorry that we are not continuing with the long term insurance health plan and have put it out to commission which could take a year to report back.

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